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Video Tutorials
Albumizer 1.5   Smart Organizing Option Albumizer 1.5  Pro Organizing Option Albumizer 1.5   Process Albumizer 1.5  Use your own Backgrounds Smart Object  (Difference between 72 dpi and 300 dpi) Inserting or placing cutout image in photoshop at 72 dpi Inserting or placing cutout image in photoshop at 300 dpi Inserting or placing normal images at 72 dpi Inserting normal images at 300 dpi Rasterize Smart Object Changing Background in Photoshop Changing Background using Albumizer's GFX (Recommended) Frame alignment Image Swapping Insert text in Photoshop Layer Effects in Photoshop Remove Background in Photoshop Smart Filters Final Output (Batch processing of PSD into JPEGs) Page Split  (Useful in back-to-back prints) Understanding the PSD File Frame Editing Mask Editing