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How it works?
The promise of Albumizer lies in its innovative features
Albumizer is a design intelligence and not just  a ‘do it yourself’ software. Its smart algorithms  not only increase the efficiency of skilled  designers but an easy to operate Albumizer  lets even a lesser or no skilled designer to  produce good designs efficiently.
Albumizer has no readymade, in-built templates. It creates new template instantly every time as  per design needs. This not only avoids  repetitions of designs but also saves a lot of  time and effort required for handling  mathematical complexities of album  designing. In addition, Albumizer is integrated  with PS and PSE, which gives greater flexibility  in editing. Choice of 29 photo book sizes and 32  creative themes (with option for custom creative  content) makes Albumizer very special amongst  photographers designers and even printers. By separating designers’ tasks from computer  processing, Albumizer saves 60% more time for  designers. Therefore, Albumizer is able to work  like an industrial tool and mass produce  customized designs.